International Students

UNIFESP International Office promotes the internationalization of undergraduate courses, offering students the opportunity of discovering about other cultures through mobility

programs. Students who come to UNIFESP will get a different academic knowledge, besides the research practices and the professional activities, enhance the personal and academic

perspectives, and enjoy the Brazilian culture.

This material was written in order to guide the foreign institution of higher education that has a cooperation agreement with UNIFESP and the foreign students who want to apply for

studies at UNIFESP.


(PORTUGUÊS): Processo de Admissao para Alunos Estrangeiros

(ESPAÑOL): Proceso de Admisión para Estudiantes Internacionales

(ENGLISH): Admission Procedure for International Students

Informações sobre moradias para alunos próximas à Unifesp:

Link para a interface desenvolvida pelos alunos da UNIFESP com informações sobre moradias próximas da Unifesp:

Interface's Link developed by UNIFESP students  with information about housing and fraternities nearby Unifesp" href="" moz-do-not-send="true">



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