Male chest reshaping after massive weight loss: the use of the aicap and licap flaps

On March 9th, 2021 at 11 am (BRT)

webinario march9th Male chest reshaping FEED

Speaker: Prof. Paolo Persichetti, Professor and Chairman Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dept. - School of Medicine - University of Rome - Campus Bio-Medico di Roma; Editor-in-Chief European Journal of Plastic Surgery. Springer Verlag Heidelberg

Key points:

  • Reshaping of the male chest following massive weight loss is challenging because of severe tissue ptosis that often renders standard surgical techniques inadequate to restore a normal shape;
  • Intercostal perforator flaps could be applied in the correction of severe gynecomastia and severe ptosis of the male breast: the aim is to restore the shape of the normal male chest in patients with severe ptosis of the breast and to obtain greater projection of the pectoral region to improve the cosmetic outcome of gynecomastia correction;
  • Surgical indications: severe grade ptosis of the male breast, cutaneous excess of the pectoral region and lateral thoracic region, inelastic skin, ptosis of the upper abdomen, patients with realistic expectations;
  • The use of intercostal perforator flaps in the correction of severe gynecomastia with severe ptosis of the male breast is a safe and effective technique with excellent results.

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