Development of non-human primate preclinical models to assess countermeasures efficacy

On October 26th, 2021 at 11 am (BRT)

Development of non human primate preclinical models to assess countermeasures efficacy

Speaker: Dr. Frédéric Ducancel, Center for Immunology of Viral, Auto-immune, Hematological and Bacterial diseases | IDMIT Departament, Université Paris-Saclay, Inserm, CEA

Moderator: Professor Mirian Hayashi, associate professor, Departamento de Farmacologia (EPM/Unifesp)

Pre clinical animal models are a necessary and legally required step prior to conducting clinical trials. IDMIT (Infectious Diseases, Modeling and Innovative Therapies) is a research department specialized in the development of non-human primate animal models of infections by viruses, bacteria, parasites, but also by toxins that affect humans. These pre clinical models provide researchers and clinicians with useful data concerning the physio pathological parameters that characterize infections, before initiating the various clinical stages that will lead to new vaccines and or treatments. After a general presentation of IDMIT s activities, the physio pathological parameters resulting from the intoxication of macaques by a plant protein toxin will be presented. These data are currently being used to evaluate the protective efficacy of a polyclonal fraction of equine antibodies against the toxin of interest.

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