Development of innovative compound for cancer diagnosis or therapy: from bench to bedside

July the 6th at 11 AM (BRT)

Webinário Sancey Portal

Speaker: Dr. Lucie Sancey, director of research - CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research) - Institute for Advanced Biosciences, France

Moderator: Prof. Mirian Hayashi, associate professor - Department of Pharmacology - Escola Paulista de Medicina (EPM/Unifesp)

Dr. Sancey Lucie is director of research at the French National Center of Scientific Research, working in Grenoble at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences. The research activity of Dr Sancey is based on the development and evaluation of innovative compounds for cancer imaging and therapy, within the team lead by Dr Coll (Cancer Targets and Experimental Therapeutics). She works more particularly with multi-modal compounds for both fluorescence imaging and photoacoustic using preclinical models from cells to eggs-bearing tumors to mice. She contributed to the clinical transfer of nanomedicines for enhanced radiotherapy.

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