Postgraduate Program Interdisciplinary in Health Sciences

Establishment of the Baixada Santista Campus represented an unprecedented achievement for the region, since this is the first public University installed there, responding to the population’s historical desire, both in the sense of higher education and of implementation of a culture of knowledge production based on scientific research. With territorial delimitation of 2,373 Km2 and approximately 1.6 million inhabitants, the Baixada Santista metropolitan region includes Santos, São Vicente, Cubatão, Praia Grande, Bertioga, Mongaguá, Itanhaém, Peruíbe, and Guarujá. The region has a privileged geographic location, close to São Paulo, the state capital, and has the main port of Latin America. In addition, it also has an important industrial center in the municipality of Cubatão. Its strategic location and infrastructure constitute strong factors to attract different investments in the ultrarregional space. Thus, establishment of the graduate program represents important step for scientific, technological, economic, and social progress of the Baixada Santista region, with the training of human resources from the region and for the region.

The stricto sensu POSTGRADUATE PROGRAM INTERDISCIPLINARY IN HEALTH SCIENCES, at the Baixada Santista Campus, of the Federal University of São Paulo, is intended for the education and training of professors and researchers in the diverse fields of knowledge covered by the Health Sciences. It is the first stricto sensu graduate program in health in a public university in the Baixada Santista region, which added to the prestige of the UNIFESP, generates high demand.

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