Special Student Registration

The special student is a graduate student interested in taking courses in the Bioproducts and Bioprocesses Program, which is not regularly enrolled in the Program.

The special student must contact the professor responsible for the course directly, via email available in the attached schedule, and send digital copies of the RG, CPF and graduation diploma.

Professors have the autonomy to select the students who will receive in their discipline and must inform them about acceptance or not.









Graduation Program in Bioproducts and Bioprocesses

Unifesp's trajectory reflects the commitment of its community to the pursuit of excellence in its teaching, extension and research activities, developed in an integrated manner and based on listening to society's demands. This commitment results in training of professional, which have solid technical and scientific, but also humanistic background.

Currently, Unifesp has six campuses offering 27 undergraduate courses. Among the Graduation Programs, there are 51 Master’s, 38 Doctorate’s and 5 Professional Master’s Degree Programs, of which more than 50% were accredited before 1984. This scenario contributes to the maintenance and growth of an enabling environment for training activities, production of knowledge and dialogue with society, and for the qualification of its role as an Institution of Higher Education of national and international reference.

As the first local public university in Baixada Santista Area, the insertion of Unifesp creates the possibility of training highly qualified professionals and researchers, mainly in key areas such as technology, health and marine sciences. Based on these facts, a group of professors, who were already performing interdisciplinary research in Health and Marine Sciences areas, joined their projects to elaborate the Graduate Program in Bioproducts and Bioprocesses.

It is worth emphasizing that the Graduate Program in Bioproducts and Bioprocesses makes the interface between two strategic areas of our Campus, the Health and Marine Sciences Areas, which leads to the development of lines of research that are carried out in collaboration, involving personnel from two departments (Biosciences and Marine Sciences), aiming at the creation and development of new products and processes mainly from marine biodiversity, to be used for human health and in the environment.


Coordinator: Profa. Dra. Ana Claudia Muniz Renno
Vice-coordinator: Profa. Dr. Paula Christine Jimenez




In the current world, knowledge needs to be produced taking into account the global character of the acquisition of knowledge. In this context, biotechnology, as an interdisciplinary area, requires reflections that go beyond local issues since it demands the application of technologies developed in different regions of the planet.

The Graduate Program in Bioproducts and Bioprocesses has a highly qualified faculty with high impact scientific production, which results from local and international partnerships. The consolidation and expansion of these collaborations is a fundamental part of the Program's strategy, which aims to both stimulate the mobility of students and teachers, as well as providing the adequate infrastructure for receiving foreign researchers who come to participate in research or teaching activities.

Students are prepared to be able to discuss science in English with international researchers, which is accomplished by offering a wide range of subjects supported by bibliography mostly in English. Some courses are offered exclusively in English and involve presentation and discussion of results in this language. In order to make the grade more flexible and allow the participation of internships abroad, mandatory subjects are offered annually. Finally, funding opportunities for exchanges from the main agencies are regularly disclosed.